Our Story

Deep Sleep was developed by Functional Neurologist, Dr. John Hatch DACNB, FABBIR after testing a range of natural and custom supplement formulations with the most challenging patient sleep cases— those of whom suffered from sleep apnea, insomnia, and the overall inability to obtain restorative and deep sleep on a consistent basis.

After over eight years of trial, error, and fine-tuning in his Brain Rehab Clinic, Dr. Hatch was able to produce the first ever, all-natural supplement formulation that has been proven to directly help in the process of enabling brain rehabilitation in the specific areas that have been damaged or compromised, which directly correlate with poor sleep performance.

Through years of clinical experience and testing on patients suffering from lack of sleep quality at The Brain Rehab Clinic, Brain Rehab Deep Sleep is the world’s first solution to rehabilitating the brain by achieving neurological equilibrium to experience restorative and restful sleep on a nightly basis.