The Approach

The Problem

With the increase in mental stimulation and stress, the quality and depth of our sleep are at risk. Not only are we spending fewer hours in bed from life’s demands, but those precious hours leave us exhausted and fatigued the next day due to the lack of SWS (slow wave sleep: the body’s deep, restorative sleep cycle).
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As the days of poor sleep compound, the brain is negatively affected causing essential sleep-centric neural pathways to deactivate.

The Solution

Brain Rehab Deep Sleep was developed by Dr. Hatch to solve that exact problem by rehabilitating the essential neural pathways in the brain responsible for helping the body enter consistent states of slow wave sleep— ultimately helping the body and mind to feel fully rested and mentally clear on a daily basis.
Brain Rehab Deep Sleep works by providing the brain natural, neural-chemical derivatives (the first-of-its-kind natural supplement) in the exact ratio the brain requires to activate the neural system responsible for facilitating deeper and longer states of slow wave sleep cycles.